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The Diet from Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone: "Vegetables for ever!"
Alicia is 23. She was not too graceful, when has alterred by sawing on purely vegetarian diet two years back. Moreover she has not only thrown the weight with its 66-kg "framework", as she is expressed, at growing 165 centimetres - beside she also sharply increased "energy level", bright skin and hairs, was perfected sleep. - I send in my body the most sound food! - speaks Alicia. Since at vegetarian to diet are comsumed products with low contents of fat only, you quickly lose the spare weight. Additionally she is specifically shown woman "connecting age". Her typical particularity - presence soya protein that helps successfully to fight with different unpleasant manifestations menopause. So, actress Lindsi Vagner (her no way her is 51 became the convinced vegetarian at 20 years already. She speaks that immediately recognize their own on special briliance eye and purity of their skin. The Successful following vegetarian lifestyle brings about balanced reception carbohydrate and protein from vegetable sources. You will not be necessary meat to become strong! Try to eat only organic product insofar this you will manage since in usual contains the pesticideses, and carefully wash all vegetables and fruits. It is Important always to have under hand celery and carrot and enjoy them each day!

Three-day diet

Day first

The Morning meal: 170 gr juice of the grapefruit; the full cup of the cereal rough grind with soya and milk. The Dinner: 170 gr vegetables in the manner of hamburger; the half a cup to boiled bean. The Supper: 115 gr hard of the cheese tophoo, roasted with cup mushroom and cup leguminous peas on two cups welded on vapour of the rice. Dessert: two patties with rice plus 2 little spoon of the jam.

Day second

The Morning meal: two pancakes with fresh strawberries Dinner: cup vegetarian chile; the cob of the hot boiled corn; the cup fruit salad. The Supper: two slices of the pizza with cheese; the big plate of the vegetable salad. The Dessert: two discharges, cup Sherbet.

Day third

The Morning meal: two slices low calories bread with soya-cheese cream. The Dinner: cup stewed vegetables, slice of rye bread. The Supper: two greater peppers with stuffing from rice and corns; the cup welded on vapour(pair) broccoli. The Dessert: cup no fat yogurt; the cup of the strawberries. However, person of the restrictions in your choice no. The Canned fruits too beautiful in one's own way.